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Lightcomm Technology held the honor award ceremony in 2020

According to the epidemic prevention regulations from the government, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic situation, Lightcomm technology has called on employees to try not to dine together or reduce the assemble, and cancel the hold of the annual meeting of 2020 accordingly, in response to the government’s call. 

Although 2020 is a year full of difficulties and hardships, it is also a year of overcoming the difficulties and striding forward for Lightcomm technology. All the employees work as one, unite as one, after overcoming many difficulties and obstacles, the company finally ushers in the new year of 2021. In return to reward these outstanding representatives, the company board held a simple and solemn annual Honor Award ceremony of 2020 on February 4, 2021.

The company's leaders and department managers awarded the honorary certificates and bonuses to the representatives of the outstanding teams, outstanding employees and other annual honors in 2020, and the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Zhu Shaojun, made an annual summary after the ceremony in the end.