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Lightcomm Technology has completed the relocation to Gaoxinqi Science and Technology Park

Lightcomm Technology was located in Jia’an Industrial Park before the moving, which was brought into the urban renewal plan by the government already and confronted with the entirety remove soon. Under this circumstance, by taking into the consideration of the benefits of the staffs and customers, as well as the future development of the company, Lightcomm Technology selected Gaoxinqi Science and Technology Park Phaseas the new facility and office, which occupies more than 8000 and about 1.0km away from the south of Xingdong Subway Station of Line No.5.

After moving, the environment, working area, as well as the condition of the dormitory for staffs, have all been well improved than before, particularly the office area, the workshop for R&D and production, which will promote the expansion of the capacity accordingly in the future.

Up to now, Lightcomm Technology has completed the relocation with all the production lines and office having returned to normal already.

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