300W High Power Expanded Beam Isolator, HP(M)EI

The high power expanded beam isolator (HPMEI) is the best Isolator designed for high power pulse fiber lasers. Two versions of design are compatible to lasers of 200W (natural cooling) and 300W (water cooling). With multiple patented technologies, the HPEI delivers unparalleled performance of aberration-free and thermal lensing-free beam quality at any output power level. It also provides high isolation to reflection coming from all spatial angles.


* High isolation and low insertion loss

* PM and Non-PM types are available

* High Beam Quality

* Fiber can be customized


* Fiber Laser

* Fiber Sensor

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High Power Expanded Beam Isolator, HP(M)EI-206-V1.0pdf.pdf




High power expanded beam isolator, HP(M)EI

Non-PM isolator

PM isolator

Operating wavelength(nm)


Peak isolation   (dB)


Isolation in band   at 23(dB)


Insertion loss   at 23(dB)


Extinction ratio   (dB)


≥20(fast axis blocked)

Return loss   (Input) (dB)


Beam   Divergence @Fundamental mode (mrad)

≤0.50 (Full Angle)

Output   Beam Ellipticity


Fiber type (can   be customized)

30/250 SCF

PM 30/250 SCF

Armored cable diameter

Φ13mm cable, can be   customized.

Output beam diameter@1/e2   (mm)

7±0.5;   Others on demand

Input max. power handling

Average (W)

≤200natural cooling≤300water   cooling

Pulse peak(KW)

50, higher on   demand

Reverse   Power Handling

≤20W for 0.5 hour.   Max

Operating   Temperature ()

-5 ~ +50

Storage Temperature   ()

-20 ~ +70

Dimensions (×L mm)


*The default fiber length is 3.6m, protective Teflon tube length is 3.1m in a 3m Φ13mm Armored cable.

* Both Single cladding fiber (SCF) and double cladding fiber (DCF) are available.