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1×2 DWDM Component

DWDM component are based on proven thin-film filter technology and can be used in multi-channel DWDM module. It features wide pass band, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, high stability and reliability.

Key Features:

* Wide pass band
* Low insertion loss
* High channel isolation
* High stability and reliability


* DWDM system

* DWDM mux/demux module

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1x2 DWDM Component (DWDM)-V1.2


                                        Type            Parameter



Operating wavelength

C-band or L-band

Central wavelength

ITU channels 186.6~196.1THz

Passband Width



Insertion loss (dB)





Passband   ripple (dB)



Isolation (dB)

Transmission adjacent channel


 Transmission non-adjacent channel


Reflection   channel



Directivity (dB)


Return loss (dB)


PDL (dB)


PMD (ps)


Power handling (mW)


Operating temperature ()

-5 ~ +70

Storage temperature ()

-40 ~ +85

Dimensions (mm)

Ф5.5×   L35

*The above specification is without connector.
*Other specifications can be made on customer request.